Healthmote RPM

I am excited to tell you about both of our new sponsors. You can learn more about their products by clicking on the Foracare and Healthmote links. Foracare is covered in an earlier dedicated episode. Most of this episode describes the benefits and features of the Healthmote Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system. I also give some thoughts regarding the structure of staffing for RPM coverage.

COVID-19 and CCM

CCM (Chronic Care Management) and RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) can both be done during COVID-19. This podcast explains that new CMS announcments confirm that the set-up code (G0506) for CCM can be done over the telephone. This allows primary care physicians to set up CCM for monthly services with patients without the patient having to leave their home. This service will both keep patients with chronic conditions managed and provide desperately needed revenue to physician offices affect by low volume during this early social distancing time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get your CCM templates at

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM CPT Codes and Reimbursement:

  • 99453 Set Up $21
  • 99454 Supply Device $69
  • 99457 Interactive Communication $54

Visit Qardio or Omron

Link for Google Sheets Spreadsheet Template

For more information, see Healthcare Law Today