Qardio Cellular

Qardio has come back with a cellular blood pressure monitor option. This is worth look at for blood pressure Remote Patient Monitoring.

More Healthmote Experience

Healthmote continues to lend itself to a growth of patients using RPM. It is easier to set up than Qardio, and we have found that easily more than twice the number of Medicare patients can use the simple one-button Healthmote device compared to Qardio. Send your CCM and RPM questions to mark(at) Emails may not receive a reply, but answers to the most popular questions will be provided in future episode of the CCM Pays and RPM Podcast.

Remote Patient Monitoring Now

Dr. Mark Vaughan, Cristina, and Ian describe lessons learned in the first month of setting up Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) using the QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor. An update on January CCM is also discussed.

Download our consent form for RPM.

Use our template for tracking both CCM and RPM with Google Sheets. Be sure to pay for a G-Suite account to get a Business Associate Agreement with Google to maintain HIPAA compliance.


  • 99453 Set Up $21
  • 99454 Supply Device $69
  • 99457 Interactive Communication $54

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM CPT Codes and Reimbursement:

  • 99453 Set Up $21
  • 99454 Supply Device $69
  • 99457 Interactive Communication $54

Visit Qardio or Omron

Link for Google Sheets Spreadsheet Template

For more information, see Healthcare Law Today